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Bib for eating
The bibs are so beautiful and I get Happy looking at them - and my daughter is thrilled
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Hanne Sarup
Mother to a girl
Bib for drool
It's a super drooling bib, the only nuggets of gold can not drool through, - so many "thumps up" for this lovely product :-) "
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Camilla Fredslund
Mum to a boy
"My daughter is just so happy with the bedding with polar bears I bought from you at the lifestyle fair. Thank you for delicious quality! :)"
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Christina Nordquist
Mother to a girl
"ZOO design "ZOO design keeps its promise!" Lions!"
"Thank you very much! The leopard suit has arrived today, and my son has pretty much worn it all day, so it has brought great happiness, and is really delicious. Thank you for the fast shipping and really nice service!"
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Heidi Højlund
Mum to a boy
"The kids look incredibly cute in them and have the funniest and good games when they wear the suits. The Dalmatian costume is especially widely used when playing "father, mother and children".
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Gitte Just
Educator, Skælskør
"....... and you have packed the bedding, how skøøøøønt, it is such a gesture I appreciate very much as a customer. That you just pack without it being agreed, .. then I will wait to see it for Christmas. With what I have bought from you before, I am completely calm and sure that this will also just take cones. The quality is top notch and the patterns are so fine so fine ".
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Hanne Sarup
“The washing instructions say gentle washing - with us we wash them at 40 degrees .., without problems and if lice are found, we wash them at 60 degrees, which they do fine. Afterwards, they get a ride in the dryer, so they become as delicious as they were new. It is important that the clothes are easy to wash when used in an institution both for reasons of hygiene but also working hours.
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About the play suits
Zoo design 1plain visit red

ZOO design is incredibly honored, happy and proud when both parents and educators choose our products, and experience great joy. In addition, I would like to thank those who have taken the time to write a small statement to us.

On behalf of ZOO Design, I would like to thank you all.

Mie Bjerregaard

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