Bib - Pigs - Brown

222 thickbox default Savlesmaek Grise brun

DKK 50,00

Fantastic bib, if your child is drooling

Test winner i the magasin: Vores Børn, February 2016

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The bib does not get wet through the fabric!

The bib is sewn in a combination of 100% cotton on the front and fleece on the back. Fleece does not absorb moisture, so possibly. saliva or fly is absorbed by the front, - then your baby vomits, changes the bib or drools your baby, it remains dry on the chest.

Washing: Recommended 40C but takes 60C without problems and without losing the colour. Tumble dry at low heat.

Nickel free button for closing. Comes in a cellophane bag.

Comes in a cellophane bag.

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Savlesmæk - Grise - Brun
Bib - Pigs - Brown
DKK 50,00
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